Mankind... standing on the threshold of a paradigm shift. New narratives are needed. New stories that are worth living. This requires radically different ways of doing business. Bushwick helps you transform or build your organisation to ensure it remains relevant and meaningful in the long term.


The power of social ventures

We believe in the power of social ventures because they have the punch, decisiveness and impact on society that is needed in these times of change. This is why we focus on talented and highly motivated entrepreneurs who are in the early or mid stage of building their organisation.

We advise commercial, non-profit and public organisations on implementing sustainable strategies to meet the demands of the new reality in our world. Our ultimate aim is always to ensure that these organisations can thrive both today and tomorrow.

We join forces with you and your team to help you develop and refine your idea, business model or start-up so that you can make the transition from good to great. This involves defining disruptive strategies, building A-class brands, recruiting outstanding management teams and arranging the financial means required to move things forward.